Intrucciones Portugal English Instrucctions

You do not need to add Olaplex N°1 to your TONER if applied for less than 10 minutes as it will not be effective.


STEP 1            For 60g (2oz) or more of colour, add 3.75ml (1/8oz) of Olaplex N°1.

For less than 60g of colour, add 1.875ml (1/16oz) of Olaplex N°1.


STEP 2            Rinse hair thoroughly to remove all traces of TONER and towel dry.


STEP 3            Apply 5ml to 10ml (1-2 teaspoons) of Olaplex N°2 to short to medium hair and, for

longer hair, apply 10ml to 15ml (2-3 teaspoons) of Olaplex N°2.


STEP 4            Comb through once. Leave for 10 minutes; longer for damaged hair.


STEP 5            Rinse, shampoo, and apply your in-salon conditioner or treatment as required.